XPO Logistics increases productivity and safety in 电子商务 warehouses with touchless machine vision scanners

XPO物流, the 全球运输和物流解决方案提供商, has deployed 370 state-of-the-art barcode scanners with machine vision in warehouses in 的 UK, Spain, France and 的 Netherlands. The fixed-mount, computerised scanners speed 的 reading of inventory data, while replacing shared, handheld scanners with a more hygienic solution.

XPO selected 的 Cognex Series 370 technology following pilot programs for major retail customers, such as H&M,正在进行其他试验。扫描仪已大量安装 e-commerce warehouses where workers are managing 的 holiday surge in order fulfilment. 

供应链董事总经理Richard Cawston–欧洲XPO Logistics表示,“We’不断探索可以提高我们物流网络效率和安全性的新技术。每次我们用固定式相机替换手持式扫描仪时,我们的吞吐量平均提高了10%以上,并且任务在人与人之间实现了非接触式传输。”

XPO是欧洲外包电子产品提供商– a fast-growing area of logistics that has been accelerated by 的 shift to online ordering during COVID-19. 




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